Table 2.

Health-related quality of life at baseline

HD (n=356)HDF (n=358)
Generic domains (SF-36)
 Physical summary (PCS)40±1039±11
 Mental summary (MCS)50±1250±12
Kidney disease-specific domains
 Symptom/problem list80±1279±14
 Effects of kidney disease on daily life72±1971±19
 Burden of kidney disease46±2645±25
 Work status0 (0−50)0 (0−50)
 Cognitive function78±2080±18
 Quality of social interaction83±1681±17
 Social support83 (67−100)83 (67−100)
 Dialysis staff encouragement75 (63−100)75 (63−100)
 Overall health55±2454±21
 Patient satisfaction70±2370±24
  • Mean ± SD or median (interquartile range). The domains have a range from 0 to 100, with higher scores indicating a preferable health status or a relative absence of problems. HD, hemodialysis; HDF, hemodiafiltration; SF-36, Short Form with 36 questions version 1; PCS, the physical composite score; MCS, the mental composite score.