Table 4.

Previous studies on hemodiafiltration and health-related quality of life

RefDesignInterventionNumber of PatientsFollow-Up (mo)HRQOL InstrumentEffect on HRQOL
11Cross-sectionalHDF ⇔ HD ⇔ PD1013 (71 on HDF)N/AKS and SIPNo difference
12RCTHDF ⇔ high-flux HD44 (24 on HDF)±12KDQNo difference
13RCTHDF ⇔ high-flux HD111aUnclearSelf-developedBetter physical wellbeing in HDF (32%)
15CrossoverHDF ⇔ high-flux HD762×24KDQBetter perception of physical symptoms in HDF (26%)
14ObservationalHDF ⇔ high-flux HD ⇔ low-flux HD2165 (253 on HDF)±21 (HDF)SF-36No difference
  • HRQOL, health-related quality of life; HDF, hemodiafiltration; HD, hemodialysis; PD, peritoneal dialysis; KS, Karnofsky Performance Scale (34); SIP, sickness impact profile (35); RCT, randomized clinical trial; KDQ, Kidney Disease Questionnaire (36); SF-36, Short Form 36 (19).

  • a Randomization into four groups: 3×/wk HD, 3×/wk HDF, and two intermediate versions with a 2×/wk versus 1×/wk distribution of HD or HDF.