Table 3.

Comparison of possible dialysis prescription and advantages for short-daily, nocturnal, or extended-daily hemodialysis

Treatment VariableShort-Daily HDNocturnal or Extended-Daily HD
NxStageFresenius K@HomeNxStageFresenius K@Home
Frequency (d/wk)5–65–64–64–6
Time (hr)2.5–4.02.5–4.05.0–8.05.0–8.0
Blood flow (ml/min)300–450300–450200–350200–350
Dialysate flow (ml/min)83–200500–80063–200200–300
Calcium (mEq/dl)3.03.0––3.5
Dialysate baseaLactate, 40–45 mEq/LBicarbonate, 28–35 mEq/LLactate, 40–45 mEq/LBicarbonate, 28–35 mEq/L
Potassium (mEq/L)1.0 or or 2.02.0
Dialysate per session (L)20–3075–19230–6060–144
Maximum ultrafiltrationPull to targetPull to target400–600 ml/hr400–600 ml/hr
AdvantagesEasy-to-use cartridge system No house alterations No 2-day gapNo 2-day gapNo 2-day gap No house alterationsBetter phosphorus control than low-volume dialysate
  • HD, hemodialysis.

  • a Comparison values are approximate.