Table 2.

Major physiologic changes associated with sodium and potassium balance in healthy human pregnancy

Physiologic ChangeEffect During PregnancyChange During Pregnancy
GFRNatriureticIncrease in early pregnancy and sustained until delivery
Atrial natriuretic peptideNatriureticIncrease at 12 wk; still elevated at 36 wk
ProgesteroneNatriuretic/antikaliureticIncrease after luteinizing hormone surge during ovulation; peak at 4 wk before delivery
AldosteroneAntinatriuretic/kaliureticIncreased by 6 wk gestation and sustained until delivery
DeoxycorticosteroneAntinatriureticIncrease in first trimester; peak in third trimester
Na+/K+ transportersAntinatriureticIncreased in pregnancy