Table 1.

Patient perspectives on home dialysis

PerspectiveGeneral AttitudeTreatment-Specific Attitude
Favors selection of home dialysisGreater freedomFreedom of time and diet
Better lifestyleAccommodates desire to work
More controlReduced travel to dialysis unit
Increased involvement in careCost-effective modality
Reduced dependence
Favors selection of in-center HDLack of self efficacyTherapy will interfere with home life
Fear of substandard care and lack of supervisionFear of machine
Fear of social isolationFear of a catastrophic event
Lack of motivationFear of self-cannulation (NHD)
Fear of changeFear of needle disconnect (NHD)
Belief that patient should not be involved in careIntradialytic symptoms during HD
Family or patient disinterestTherapy is time-consuming
Fear of burdening caregiversNegative effect of therapy on sleep
Lack of social supportUnable to manage at home because of physical limitations
Perceived lack of home space
  • NHD, nocturnal hemodialysis. Data obtained from references 96 and 97, Cafazzo et al. 2009; Zhang et al. 2010.