Table 1.

Clinical characteristics of the study sample

Clinical CharacteristicValuea
Age (yr)48.3±12.4
Dialysis vintage (yr)7.9±6.2
Men14 (70)
 White5 (25)
 Black15 (75)
Cause of ESRD
 Diabetes mellitus4 (20)
 Hypertensive nephrosclerosis7 (35)
 Nephritic glomerulonephritis3 (15)
 Nephrotic glomerulonephritis4 (20)
 Unknown/other2 (10)
 Myocardial infarction1 (5)
 Congestive heart failure1 (5)
 Stroke2 (10)
Current smoker7 (35)
Body mass index (kg/m2)27.9±6.6
Urea reduction ratio76.6±8.6
Albumin (g/dl)3.7±0.3
Hemoglobin (g/dl)10.9±0.9
 Temperature (°C)36.5±0.6
 Calcium (mEq/L)2.6±0.4
 Potassium (mEq/L)2.0±0.7
 Bicarbonate (mEq/L)37.2±2.2
Prescribed blood flow rate (ml/min)390±34.8
Prescribed dialysate flow rate (ml/min)786.3±61.5
Prescribed duration (h)3.8±0.3
Delivered dialysis duration (h)3.8±0.3
Sodium profile
 Exponential2 (10)
 Linear1 (5)
 None17 (85)
Predialysis systolic BP (mmHg)141.8±23.1
Predialysis diastolic BP (mmHg)79.8±12.7
Predialysis heart rate (beats/min)83.6±13.5
Postdialysis systolic BP (mmHg)131.8±24.4
Postdialysis diastolic BP (mmHg)71.4±15.7
Postdialysis heart rate (beats/min)78.7±12.5
Predialysis weight (kg)78.5±20.2
Postdialysis weight (kg)76.2±20.1
Interdialytic weight gain (kg)2.21±1.04
Ultrafiltration volume (ml)2510±1091
  • a Values expressed as mean ± SD or number (percent).