Table 5.

Univariate and multivariable relationships of components of hypertension variable and cIMT

CharacteristicMean Difference in cIMT, mm (95% CI)
(Full Model)
Average systolic BP indexa 0.16
(−0.03 to 0.36)0.20
(−0.04 to 0.45)
Average diastolic BP indexa0.21
Taking antihypertensive medication (yes/no)0.04
  • All variables in Table 3, except hypertension, are included in the adjusted model shown here. cIMT, carotid intima-media thickness; CI, confidence interval.

  • a Measured systolic or diastolic BP/95th age-, sex-, and height-specific percentile BP; a value ≥1 is elevated. The average index from the baseline and 12-month follow-up is used.