Table 3.

Modality allocation and outcome

VariableStatus at End of QoL Follow-up (September 2008)Changed Modality (September 2008–January 2010)Status at End of Survival Follow-up (January 2010)
Planned Modality (Initiated Dialysis)DiedTo PDTo HDPlanned Modality (Initiated Dialysis)Died
HD80 (47)13389 (69)19
PD44 (23)2939 (32)4
CKM30 (—)13129 (—)20
Undecided16 (—)81213 (—)8
  • The table shows the composition of each planned modality group at the end of the quality-of-life follow-up period in September 2008 and at the end of the survival follow-up period in January 2010 (numbers of those who had actually started dialysis at each time are shown in parentheses). The change in modality allocation during the survival follow-up period is also depicted. The numbers of patients who died during the quality-of-life period and throughout the study are also shown. QoL, quality of life; PD, peritoneal dialysis; HD, hemodialysis; CKM, conservative kidney management.