Table 4.

Diagnostic characteristics of various first postoperative urine ACR threshold values to predict postoperative stage 1 or higher AKI

First Postoperative ACR Threshold ValuesSensitivitySpecificityLikelihood Ratio +Likelihood Ratio −PPVNPV
Aged <2 yr
 >303 mg/g (2nd tertile or higher)0.850.391.400.380.300.90
 >908 mg/g (3rd tertile of higher)0.440.691.400.810.310.80
 Maximal sensitivity and specificity value: >618 mg/g0.710.601.800.490.340.87
Aged ≥2 yr
 >44 mg/g (2nd tertile or higher)0.930.361.500.190.140.98
 >169 mg/g (3rd tertile of higher)0.600.692.00.580.180.94
 Maximal sensitivity and specificity value: >289 mg/g0.600.792.900.510.220.95
  • ACR, albumin/creatinine ratio; PPV, positive predictive value; NPV, negative predictive value.