Table 1.

Demographic characteristics of the study groups

CharacteristicControl Group (n=36)EPO-α Group (n=36)P Value
Donor factors
 age (yr)41±1739±170.63
 men/women (%)56/4444/560.30
 ECD kidney (%)22110.21
 death from CVA (%)39190.07
 terminal urine output (ml/hr)159±151167±1470.83
 terminal serum creatinine (mg/dl)1.18±0.901.14±0.850.84
 pressor use (%)67860.05
Recipient factors
 age (yr)56±1358±110.53
 men/women %53/4756/440.81
 African Americans (%)14190.53
 body mass index (kg/m2)28.3±6.427.8±5.40.71
 diabetes mellitus (%)56470.48
 hypertension (%)92940.64
 coronary artery disease (%)36250.31
 previous dialysis (%)89720.07
 previous transplant (%)22170.55
 previous ESA use (%)86690.09
 recent PRA (%)1.7±8.83.3±15.30.66
 HLA mismatch3.6±1.43.2±1.60.36
Transplant-related factors
 cold ischemia time (hr)26.3±8.024.1±6.10.21
 warm ischemia time (min)14.2±13.216.3±16.30.62
 lowest systolic BP in operating room (mmHg)101±1798±110.31
  • Data expressed with plus/minus sign are the mean ± SD. EPO, erythropoietin; ECD, expanded-criteria donor; CVA, cerebrovascular accident; ESA, erythropoietic stimulating agent; PRA, panel-reactive antibody.