Table 5.

Multivariate analyses of predictors for time to death

VariableaHazard Ratio95% CIP Value
Age (years)1.081.06–1.10<0.001
FSGS × baseline serum Cre1.461.19–1.80<0.001
MN × Upro1.691.24–2.320.001
MN × baseline serum albumin0.540.33–0.080.01
IgAN × HTN2.810.88–9.050.08
Time to dialysis (days)1.210.99–1.480.06
  • CI, confidence interval; FSGS, focal and segmental glomerulosclerosis; Cre, creatinine; MN, membranous nephropathy; Upro, urine protein; IgAN, IgA nephropathy; HTN, hypertension.

  • a The symbol × indicates the interaction between two covariates, which could be literally interpreted as and or times in this table (for example, FSGS × serum Cre means FSGS times the amount of serum creatinine).