Table 3.

Area under the receiver-operating characteristic curves for the Toronto Risk Score and urinary markers to predict progression of idiopathic membranous nephropathy

MarkerROC-AUC95% Confidence IntervalP
Toronto Risk Score0.780.69–0.88Ref.
Toronto Risk Score first 6 months0.760.65–0.860.46
MDRD6 risk score0.830.74–0.910.25
MDRD6 risk score first 6 months0.830.74–0.920.37
  • The GFR estimated with the six-variable Modification of Diet in Renal Disease equation (eGFR-MDRD6) risk score was calculated as 1.26−0.3 · ΔeGFR-MDRD6−0.05 · eGFR-MDRD6 at baseline or the start of the period of maximum persistent proteinuria, respectively. ROC-AUC, area under the receiver-operating characteristics curve; Ref., reference for the analyses; uβ2m, urinary β2-microglobulin (μg/min); uα1m, urinary α1-microglobulin (μg/min).