Table 4.

Relative contribution of the risk score parameters for the prediction of progression

Predictorln(OR)IDIrIDI (%)
eCcreat−0.02 (−0.04 to 0.005)0.07 (P=0.01)10
ΔeCcreat−0.52 (−0.81 to 0.23)0.21 (P<0.001)35
Persistent proteinuria0.09 (−0.04 to 0.22)0.01 (P=0.54)1
GFR-MDRD6−0.06 (−0.09 to 0.03)0.22 (P<0.001)39
ΔGFR-MDRD6−0.35 (−0.62 to 0.08)0.11 (P<0.001)14
Persistent proteinuria0.05 (−0.09 to 0.18)−0.01 (P=0.33)−1
  • ln(OR), the natural logarithm of the odds ratio obtained with a logistic regression model; IDI, integrative discrimination index; rIDI, relative IDI; eCcreat, endogenous creatinine clearance; Δ, change during the first 6 months of follow-up; GFR-MDRD6, GFR estimated with the six-variable Modification of Diet in Renal Disease equation.