Table 1.

Baseline characteristics

CharacteristicGroup 1: Recipients Age ≥60 yrGroup 2: Recipients Age 40–59 yr
Patient age (yr)666750a53a
Donor age (yr)41b64b37a61a
Waiting time (yr)1.70b1.72b1.70a1.95a
Preemptive transplantc981612
Coronary artery disease42432821
Cerebrovascular accident1000
Preservation time (h)21.3120.8621.3621.92
Female recipients39 45 38 45
Female donors39 51 37 53a
 antithymocyte globulin 64712
  • Values are percentage of patients unless otherwise noted. In the induction category, 10% of the patients in group 2 did not have data. Also in group 2, there was a significant difference in induction between the 3 groups when compared as a whole by Fisher exact test. SCD, standard-criteria donor; ECD, extended-criteria donor.

  • a Differences between group 2 values were significant (P<0.05).

  • b Differences between group 1 values were significant (P<0.05).

  • c Patients underwent transplantation before dialysis.