Table 2.

Likelihood of peritoneal dialysis as the permanent modality by geographic residence

VariableRelative Risk (95% CI)a
Urban (n=153,611)Micropolitan (n=19,153)Rural (n=19,140)
Likelihood of PD at dialysis initiation
 unadjusted1.00 (reference)1.10 (1.04–1.17)1.37 (1.30–1.45)
 adjustedb1.00 (reference)1.20 (1.13–1.27)1.52 (1.44–1.61)
Likelihood of PD at 90 d after dialysis initiation
 unadjusted1.00 (reference)1.15 (1.09–1.21)1.42 (1.35–1.49)
 adjustedb1.00 (reference)1.25 (1.18–1.32)1.57 (1.49–1.66)
  • CI, confidence interval; PD, peritoneal dialysis.

  • a By Poisson regression.

  • b Models adjusted for demographic characteristics (age, sex, race, body mass index, United States region), socioeconomic status (insurance status, employment status, community median income), kidney disease–related features (presumed cause of ESRD, estimated GFR at initiation), and medical comorbid conditions.