Table 1.

24-Hour urine chemistries

Volume (L)Sodium (meq)Potassium (meq)Calcium (mg)Oxalate (mg)Supersaturation Calcium OxalateCitrate (mg)pHSupersaturation Calcium PhosphatePhosphorus (mg)Uric Acid (mg)Creatinine (mg)
Normal values0.5–4.050–15020–100M<250; F<20020–408–10M>450; F>5505.8–6.20.5–2.0800–1200M<800; F<750M=18–24 mg/kg; F=15–20 mg/kg
Treatment 12.4915281175243.12187.491.45253961412
Treatment 21.972095393373.21967.241.28596001352
  • Normal values apply to the general population but do not represent the optimal values to lower stone risk. Baseline represents the mean of two collections performed before the patient’s first clinic visit. M, male; F, female.