Table 1.

Comparison between patients with poorer mental health and patients with better mental health

CharacteristicTotal (n=1798)Mental HealthP Value
Poorer (MHI Score≤60; n=548)Better (MHI Score>60; n=1250)
Age (years)57.7±14.157.3±14.057.9±14.00.27
Male (%)43.744.943.10.50
African-American (%)63.662.864.00.63
Currently working (%)9.57.510.30.07
Less than a high school education (%)37.844.434.9<0.001
Married (%)37.733.839.40.03
Currently smoking (%)17.419.816.40.10
Time on dialysis (years)3.9±4.43.6±4.04.0±4.50.17
High Kt/V (%)
High flux (%)49.950.049.91.00
Residual kidney function of >200 ml/d (%)12.311.212.80.39
SBP (mmHg)151.0±25.5151.0±26.6151.0±25.10.95
DBP (mmHg)81.2±15.381.9±15.580.9±15.20.12
BMI (kg/m2)25.5±5.325.3±5.225.6±5.30.34
Diabetic (%)44.846.244.20.47
ICED score (%)0.01
 0 or 135.431.637.1
Past history of CVD (%)19.621.418.90.25
Past history of cardiac disease
 CAD (%)
 CHF (%)39.541.638.60.23
 arrhythmia (%)30.933.629.70.11
Laboratory values
 WBC count (1000/mm3)6.9±2.46.9±2.26.9±2.40.27
 albumin (g/dl)3.6±0.43.6±0.43.6±0.40.07
 creatinine (mg/dl)10.3±3.010.4±3.010.3±3.00.84
 hematocrit (%)33.6±4.633.8±4.433.5±4.70.32
 log ferritin (ng/ml)5.3±1.25.4±1.15.3±1.20.47
 bicarbonate (mEq/L)21.4±3.621.1±3.621.5±3.60.07
 phosphorus (mg/dl)5.8±1.95.8±1.95.8±1.90.68
 Ca × P product53.7±17.453.9±17.153.6±17.50.79
 log iPTH (pg/ml)5.1±1.25.1±1.25.2±1.20.10
Medications used (%)
 ACE inhibitor24.924.625.00.91
 α-1 blocker6.
 sleep medication25.336.120.5<0.001
HRQOL measures
 SF-36 MHI score71.7±19.348.1±12.182.0±11.0<0.001
 SF-36 vitality50.1±21.837.7±19.155.5±20.7<0.001
 SF-36 body pain62.8±27.951.6±27.067.6±26.8<0.001
 SF-36 physical functioning48.2±26.941.2±26.751.2±26.5<0.001
 SF-36 PCS score35.7±10.134.4±9.936.3±10.2<0.001
 SF-36 MCS score49.9±10.938.7±8.454.7±8.0<0.001
 KDQOL sleep quality score58.8±22.647.3±21.763.8±21.2<0.001
Interviewed (%)39.840.239.60.83
  • Data were expressed as mean ± SD. MHI, mental health index; SBP, systolic BP; DBP, diastolic BP; BMI, body mass index; ICED, index of coexistent disease; CVD, cardiovascular disease; CAD, coronary artery disease; CHF, congestive heart failure; WBC, white blood cells; iPTH, intact parathyroid hormone; ACE, angiotensin-converting enzyme; EPO, erythropoietin; HRQOL, health-related quality of life; SF-36, short form 36; PCS, physical component summary; MCS, mental component summary; KDQOL, kidney disease quality of life.