Table 2.

Reasons for dialysis withdrawal, 2004–2008

Total patients (n)2154
Withdrawal for psychosocial reasons832 (38.6)
Withdrawal for cardiovascular comorbid conditions348 (16.2)
Withdrawal related to malignancy345 (16.0)
Withdrawal for peripheral vascular comorbid conditions265 (12.3)
Withdrawal for cerebrovascular comorbid conditions212 (9.8)
Withdrawal related to difficulties with dialysis access98 (4.5)
Therapy ceased for any other reason38 (1.8)
Suicide12 (0.6)
Patient declined further treatment4 (0.2)
  • Unless otherwise noted, data are the number (percentage) of patients. As described in the Materials and Methods section, the Australia and New Zealand Dialysis and Transplant Registry changed its codes for causes of withdrawal in October 2003; consequently, in the 2004–2008 era the reasons for withdrawal are more clearly delineated.