Table 3.

Frequent Hemodialysis Network Nocturnal Trial: Mean changes in physical measures and treatment comparison of changes for frequent (six times per week) versus conventional (three times per week) nocturnal hemodialysis

VariableNaTrtObserved Data (Mean ± SD)Unadjusted Treatment Comparison of Change to F12 (±SE)Adjusted Means and Treatment Effectsb (±SE or with 95% Confidence Intervals)
BaselineF4F12Month 4Month 12
Change from BaselineTreatment Comparison (6× versus 3×)Change from BaselineTreatment Comparison (6× versus 3×)
Short physical performance battery score379.4±1.79.1±2.58.7±2.80.35±0.61−0.05±0.37−0.49 (−1.49, 0.51)−0.41±0.43−0.50 (−1.71, 0.70)
Physical health composite (RAND-36)3838.4±8.540.7±8.640.6±9.21.2±2.12.3±1.2−0.9 (−4.1, 2.4)2.1±1.50.6 (−3.4, 4.7)
Physical functioning (RAND-36)3962.6±18.363.1±18.063.5±23.4−3.7±5.01.4±3.3−3.2 (−12.0, 5.5)1.1±3.6−4.2 (−14.1, 5.7)
  • Trt, treatment frequency; F4, month 4; F12, month 12; RAND-36, RAND 36-item health survey.

  • a For observed data, numbers are the randomized patients providing baseline and 4- and 12-month measurements. For adjusted results, all available data are used.

  • b Results of mixed effects analyses controlling for the baseline level of the factor analyzed, diabetes, age, and clinical center.