Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of all study subjects by intervention group in the Frequent Hemodialysis Network Daily and Nocturnal Trials

CharacteristicaDaily TrialNocturnal Trial
Conventional Hemodialysis (n=120)Frequent Hemodialysis (n=125)Conventional Hemodialysis (n=42)Frequent Hemodialysis (n=45)
Age, mean ± SD (yr)52±1449±1454±1352±14
Male (%)39383336
Race (%)
 Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander3152
 American Indian, Alaska Native, Aboriginal Canadian, or First Nation3320
ESRD vintage (%)
 <2 yr17167162
 2–5 yr43351218
 >5 yr41491720
Attributed cause of ESRD (%)
 polycystic kidney disease531727
Comorbid conditions (%)
 cerebrovascular accident7722
 chronic pulmonary disease4554
 congestive heart failure20201711
 peripheral arterial disease8121718
Weight after dialysis (kg)78.7±20.577.6±20.683.3±23.887.6±27.0
Body mass (Quetelet’s) index (kg/m2)27.5±7.127.3±6.528.3±7.829.7±8.3
Left ventricular mass (g)141±49142±59132±41141±48
Residual kidney function (%)
 >0–1 ml/min16142116
 >1–3 ml/min24143336
 >3 ml/min001920
Dialysis access (%)
 synthetic graft181697
Laboratory variables
 albumin (g/dl)4.0±0.44.0±0.43.9±0.53.9±0.5
 creatinine (mg/dl)10.3±2.510.8±3.08.9±3.18.6±3.0
 enPCR (g/kg per day)1.03±0.251.02±0.250.99±0.230.98±0.28
 hemoglobin (g/dl)12.0±1.211.9±1.311.9±1.111.6±1.1
 phosphorus (mg/dl)5.7±1.55.9±1.65.6±1.85.7±1.6
Kt/Vurea equilibrated1.43±0.281.43±0.251.34±0.301.42±0.42
  • enPCR, equilibrated normalized protein catabolic rate.

  • a Values represent baseline mean (±SD)