Table 2.

Agreement between estimation method and adjudicated reference standard

Estimation MethodICC (95% CI) per Days Before Admission
7–365 d7–730 d1–730 d
Most recent outpatient0.84 (0.80–0.88)a0.83 (0.78–0.86)b0.74 (0.68–0.79)c
Mean outpatient0.91 (0.88–0.92)a0.81 (0.77–0.84)b0.71 (0.65–0.76)c
Nadir outpatient0.83 (0.76–0.87)a0.64 (0.46–0.75)b0.68 (0.31–0.83)c
Most recent inpatient or outpatient0.88 (0.85–0.91)d0.88 (0.85–0.91)d0.80 (0.76–0.84)e
  • All comparisons are made to the reference standard. ICC is calculated using a population of patients with sufficient creatinine values to yield an estimation method result. ICC, intraclass correlation coefficient; CI, confidence interval.

  • a n=306 patient (81% of cohort).

  • b n=321 patients (85% of cohort).

  • c n=329 patients (87% of cohort).

  • d n=355 patients (93% of cohort).

  • e n=379 patients (100% of cohort).