Table 1.

Binary logistic regression model with in-hospital mortality as the dependent factor

VariableHazard Ratio for
In-Hospital Mortality95% Confidence IntervalP Value
Stage 2 AKI 2.92.3–3.6<0.001
Stage 3 AKI3.62.8–4.6<0.001
Renal replacement therapy1.71.1–2.80.02
Hospital-acquired AKI1.81.5–2.2<0.001
Age (per 5-yr increase)1.21.1–1.2<0.001
  • Variables with significant associations with mortality were tested. For AKI stage, stage 1 was taken as the reference category (in the absence of a control group without AKI). Hospital-acquired AKI was compared with community-acquired AKI that was used as the reference category. Baseline renal function and multiple AKI episodes did not enter the model.