Table 6.

Cause-specific relative hazard and subdistribution relative hazard associated with assisted PD (event of interest: transfer to hemodialysis)

AssistanceCause-Specific RH (95% CI)Subdistribution RH for HD (95% CI)
Family-assisted PD (reference group: nurse and self-care PD)2.23 (1.97–2.53)0.72 (0.40–1.31)0.33 (0.24–0.46)0.87 (0.75–1.01)0.81 (0.70–0.94)
Nurse-assisted PD (reference group: family and self-care)2.18 (1.96–2.42)0.74 (0.48–1.13)0.16 (0.12–0.22)0.85 (0.76–0.95)0.72 (0.63–0.81)
Assisted PD (reference group: self-care PD)2.19 (1.98–2.43)0.73 (0.49–1.10)0.21 (0.17–0.26)0.85 (0.77–0.95)0.73 (0.65–0.81)
  • Adjusted for age, sex, modified Charlson comorbidity index, underlying nephropathy, failed transplantation, transfer to hemodialysis, early peritonitis, and center size. RH, relative hazard; CI, confidence interval; HD, hemodialysis; PD, peritoneal dialysis.