Table 1.

Clinical details of patients with factor I autoantibodies

Patient ID123
Age at presentation26 yr5 yr13 mo
PrecipitantPostpartumUnknownC. difficile and rotavirus diarrhea
Family historyYesNoNo
OutcomeESRFESRFRecovered renal function
Renal transplantYesYesN/A
One lost to recurrent aHUS at 1 moNo recurrence at 65 moN/A
One lost to transplant glomerulopathy at 50 moN/A
C3 (0.68–1.38 g/L)0.660.610.56
C4 (0.18–0.60 g/L)0.320.220.08
Factor H (0.35–0.59 g/L)0.340.520.58
Factor H auto-AbNegativeNegativeNegative
Factor I (38–58 mg/L)894854
MCP expressionNormalNormalNormal
  • Normal range in parentheses. aHUS, atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome; ESRF, end stage renal failure; MCP, membrane cofactor protein.