Table 3.

PK parameters after a single dose of 2.0 g/1.0 g ampicillin/sulbactam

SulbactamED Patients (n=12)IHD Patients (n=4) Healthy Subjects (n=6)
Cmax (mg/L)88.1±47.532.0–93.7 (19)
Tmax (h)
AUClast (mg⋅h/L)324.1±189.7432.2±206.385.5±23.3
t1/2 (h) 3.5±1.52.27±0.64a/13.36±7.39b1.73±0.72
Vz (L)22.0±21.8
Vz (L/kg)0.27±0.230.59±0.200.30±0.12
CLtot (ml/min)81.0±81.745.3±19.5b216.6±97.2
CLdial (ml/min)83.3±12.175.8±27.1N/A
  • Data of ICU patients receiving ED compared with data by Blum et al. (3) on healthy controls and outpatients on intermittent hemodialysis. PK, pharmacokinetic; ED, extended dialysis; IHD, intermittent hemodialysis; Cmax, peak plasma concentration; Tmax, time of maximal plasma concentration; AUC, area under the curve; Vz, volume of distribution; CLtot, overall drug clearance (i.e., residual drug elimination capacity by the body and drug elimination by ED); CLdial, dialyzer clearance.

  • a On dialysis.

  • b Off dialysis.