Table 3.

Multivariate analysis to identify predictors of VTE

VariableAdjusted Odds Ratio95% Confidence IntervalP Valuea
Age at diagnostic biopsy (yr)0.990.97, 1.010.39
Sex (M/F)2.131.02, 4.440.04
24-hour proteinuria (g/d)0.980.93, 1.040.59
Immunosuppressive therapy, any1.720.85, 3.470.13
Site of registry (GDCN/TGRN)0.670.36, 1.240.20
Serum albumin (g/dl)b2.131.32, 3.460.002
  • a P value was calculated by logistic model evaluating the association of serum albumin while controlling for age at diagnostic biopsy, sex, 24-hour proteinuria, immunosuppressive therapy, and site of registry.

  • b Per each g/dl decrease in serum albumin.