Table 1.

Patient characteristics by primary end point

Patient CharacteristicsAll Study Participants (n = 3679, 100%)Reached Stage 4 CKD (n = 530, 13.6%)No Stage 4 CKD (n = 3176, 86.4%)P
Age, yearsa61.7 (11.2)65 (10.9)61.2 (11.1)<0.01
Baseline GFRa81.1 ml/min per 1.73 m2 (25.9)61 ml/min per 1.73 m2 (23)84.3 ml/min per 1.73 m2 (25)<0.01
Baseline creatininea1.10 mg/dl (0.3)1.44 mg/dl (0.42)1.05 mg/dl (0.26)<0.01
Peripheral vascular disease22.5%23.2%22.3%0.64
Ischemic heart disease41.9%36.6%42.8%0.08
Congestive heart failure17.4%14.7%17.8%0.09
Valvular heart disease5.1%6.2%4.9%0.27
Chronic viral infections6%4.6%6.2%0.16
Any hospitalization49.5%51.3%49.2%0.41
Any acute kidney injury14.4%24.6%12.8%<0.01
  • The values represent the presence of chronic comorbid conditions including proteinuria counted up to last eligible creatinine or reaching primary end point, whichever occurred earlier; demographic data and renal function were assessed at the beginning of the study.

  • a Continuous variables expressed as means and SD.