Table 2.

Association between AKI and stage 4 CKD in diabetes mellitus

Risk FactorsHazard Ratio95% Confidence Interval
Age (in years)1.010.99, 1.02
Sex (female versus male)2.651.40, 5.03
Race (black versus non-black)0.910.71, 1.24
Baseline creatinine (per unit increase)8.596.07, 12.15
Obesity0.720.52, 0.98
Hypertension1.821.41, 2.37
Proteinuria3.542.47, 5.08
AKI3.562.76, 4.61
Number of episodes
    AKI (each episode, up to three)2.021.78, 2.30
  • Final models included covariates. The table shows multivariable Cox regression models in hospitalized patients predicting stage 4 CKD, including time-dependent comorbid conditions occurring up to the last eligible creatinine or end point. AKI, acute kidney injury; CKD, chronic kidney disease.