Table 2.

Patient interview guide

Nephrology Patient Interview Guide - Semi-structured (Guide Only)
Introduction to research
Tell me about how you first found out you had problems with your kidneys/blood pressure?
When did you first meet a kidney specialist?
If you think back over (appropriate time period), can you remember a time when you were happy or satisfied with the care you received? (Explore unhappy/dissatisfied.)
You've indicated that you were dissatisfied/satisfied with the care you've received from your nephrologist. Tell me a bit more about that if you can.
I can sense you're (un)happy with the treatment you've received so far. Can you suggest how to improve the delivery of care (even further)?
How you are usually involved in the decisions surrounding your care? Or do you feel unable to participate?
Explore with respect to specialist involvement.
Explore how patient views specialist healthcare provision.
Is there a difference in expectations when seeing a specialist versus primary healthcare provision? Do you have a general practitioner?
Identify specific aspects/qualities of nephrologist that makes them good/bad.
Is the nephrologist a good/bad communicator or time manager (i.e., does the patient feel rushed)? Does the nephrologist not seem confident in terms of knowledge? Why? Where does this feeling come from? Does the nephrologist involved the patient in decision-making processes?
What qualities do you look for in a kidney specialist?
Check specifics, e.g., English speaking/other language and gender of physician.
Have you ever changed kidney specialists? Could you ever see this occurring? Why did you do (would you) do that?
If you had to change kidney specialists (move, etc.) how would you decide upon a specialist?
Demographics of patient: educational level, age, partner, rural/metropolitan.