Table 2.

Quality assessment of the prospective cohort studies included in the systematic review

Study, Year (Reference)Study ParticipationStudy AttritionPrognostic Factor MeasurementOutcome MeasurementConfoundingAnalysisVariables That Were Adjusted For
Bonnet et al., 2006 (11)YesNoYesYesPartlyPartlyAge, use of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, smoking, fibrinogen levels
Kitiyakara et al., 2007 (13)PartlyNoYesYesNoUnclearAge, gender, smoking status
Kurella et al., 2005 (10)YesPartlyYesYesYesYesAge, gender, race, education, body mass index, alcohol and tobacco use, coronary heart disease, and physical activity
Lucove et al., 2008 (12)YesNoYesUnclearPartlyPartlyAge, gender, center, education, smoking
Luk et al., 2008 (21)YesUnclearYesUnclearYesUnclearAge, gender, smoking status, duration of diabetes, HbA1C, body mass index, albuminuria
Ninomiya et al., 2006 (22)YesNoYesPartlyYesYesAge, gender, baseline GFR, proteinuria, serum albumin, serum total cholesterol, hemoglobin, alcohol and tobacco use, hyperinsulinemia
Rashidi et al., 2007 (23)YesPartlyYesUnclearNoNoAge and gender
Ryu et al., 2009 (25)YesYesYesYesYesYesAge, baseline GFR, uric acid, γ-glutamyltranspeptidase, incidental hypertension and incidental diabetes
Sun et al., 2010 (24)YesPartlyYesPartlyPartlyNoAge, gender, center, smoking status
Tozawa et al., 2007 (14)YesPartlyYesYesPartlyUnclearAge, gender, current smoking and alcohol drinking habits
Watanabe et al., 2010 (26)YesNoYesUnclearNoNoAge, gender