Table 3.

Cox multivariate model for renal survival with (panel A) and without (panel B) clinical parameters

VariablesValuesExp β95% CIP
AProteinuriag/d0.930.71 to 1.210.59
Hypertension0/11.050.41 to 2.700.89
eGFR10 ml/min0.500.38 to 0.65<0.01
M0/11.060.43 to 2.630.88
S0/11.810.61 to 5.350.27
E0/11.660.60 to 5.350.32
T0/1/21.240.61 to 2.530.55
BM0/10.630.27 to 1.430.27
S0/11.890.78 to 4.540.15
E0/11.590.71 to 3.560.25
T0/1/25.113.16 to 8.28<0.01
  • M, mesangial hypercellularity; S, segmental glomerulosclerosis; E, endocapillary hypercellularity; T, tubular atrophy/interstitial fibrosis; CI, confidence interval; eGFR, estimated GFR; exp β, hazard ratios.