Table 4.

Multivariate regression analysis between change in serum IL-6 concentrations and other variables

Model numberBeta95% CI BetaP value
Model 1
Change in calcium-phosphate product0.350.13, 0.700.004
Age−0.35−0.57, −0.080.004
Dialysis vintage−0.14−0.30, 0.170.22
Independent variables: age, gender, dialysis vintage, and changes in serum calcium, phosphate, calcium-phosphate product, and parathyroid hormone.
Model 2Beta95% CI BetaP value
Change in serum endotoxin levels0.430.03, 0.870.0002
Age−0.30−0.42, −0.030.008
Change in calcium-phosphate product0.240.02, 0.510.02
Dialysis vintage−0.14−0.32, 0.060.18
Independent variables: Similar to model 1 + change in serum endotoxin levels.
  • CI, confidence interval.