Table 3.

Renal biopsy findings

Patient No.123456
Kidney Biopsy No.12312
Light microscopy
    no. of glomeruli13815321212322310
    sclerotic glomeruli (%)002098316622620
    crescents (%)0001000010
    tubular atrophy+++++++++++++++
    interstitial inflammation0+ a+++++ b++++++ a
    interstitial fibrosis+++++++++++++++++
    Ig heavy chain
    Ig light chain++ (λ)
    electron microscopyANAAANANAAAA
Topography of deposits
    mesangial deposits++++++++++++++++++
    subepithelial deposits+++++++
    subendothelial deposits++++++++++++
  • a Infiltrate containing numerous plasma cells;

  • b infiltrate containing predominant λ-positive lympho plasmacytoid cells. − : absent, + : mild, ++ : moderate, +++ : diffuse.

  • A, available; NA, not available; GBM, glomerular basement membrane.