Table 3.

Comparison of previous studies of long-term viral response following interferon-based treatment

Author, YearStudy DesignTreatmentNumber with SVRFollow-Up (mo)aLong-Term Response MethodologyLong-Term Response (%)
Studies in nonhemodialysis population
Shindo, 1995Single centerIFN216Probability95
Marcellin, 1997Single centerIFN7542 (6–85)Probability96
Larghi, 1998Single centerIFN2533 (15–74)Probability92
Lau, 1998Single centerIFN5NR (72–156)Probability100
Reichard, 19993 RCTIFN2659 (36–100)Probability92
Scvarcz, 1999Single centerIFN + RBV1218Probability92
Bruno, 20012 RCTIFN3678Probability100
McHutchison, 2001b3 RCTIFN + RBV (24)11242Kaplan–Meier97
IFN + RBV (48)15142Kaplan–Meier99
Veldt, 2004Meta-analysiscIFN28659 (12–120)Kaplan–Meier95
Tsuda, 2004Single centerIFN3882 (53–144)Probability100
Dalgard, 20051 RCTIFN +/− RBV2759 (7–77)Probability98
Formann, 2006Single centerPEG-IFN18729 (12–172)Probability100
Camma, 1999Meta-analysisIFN453NR (18–93)Pooled probability91
Studies in transplant recipients
Bizollon, 2002Single center study of liver transplant recipientsIFN + RBV1430Probability93
Current study
GordonHemodialysisIFN or PEG-IFN12118 (1–78)Probability92
Life table analysis86 (77–96)
GordonHemodialysis with subsequent kidney transplantIFN or PEG-IFN45d20 (2–88)Probability93
Life table analysis95 (89–100)
  • IFN, interferon, NR, not reported; PEG-IFN, pegylated-interferon; RBV, ribavirin; RCT, randomized controlled trial.

  • a Follow-up time reported is median, with range in parentheses, unless otherwise specified. Follow-up times reported are after sustained virologic response for consistency with our analysis. Original studies largely reported follow-up time from end of treatment.

  • b Published as abstract in 2001 American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases meeting.

  • c Meta-analysis of individual patient data from eight randomized controlled trials or prospective studies of interferon.

  • d Thirty two patients had long-term HCV RNA data for both the HD and kidney transplant states. We analyzed these patients in both groups.