Table 2.

Complement studies

Patient No.123456
Before ChemoDuring ChemoAfter Chemo
Complement components
    CH50 (%)NA5586NA918268106
    C3 antigen (mg/L)550433433539583915672901
    C4 antigen (mg/L)109239218168117224186319
CAP proteins
    Factor B antigen (mg/L)NA554843669482142
    H protein (%)NA887389138177117165
    I protein (%)NA13111712511113088148
    CD46 (MFI)NA714NA791584NA879NA
    C3 NeFNANegativeNANANegativeNegativeNegativeNegative
    anti-factor H IgGNAPositivePositiveNegativeNegativeNegativeNegativeNegative
Genetic testing
    CFHNANo mutation2 copies of H402No mutationNA1 copy of H402
    CFINANo mutationNo mutationNo mutationNANo mutation
    MCPNANo mutationNo mutationNo mutationNANo mutation
  • Chemo, chemotherapy; MFI, mean fluorescence index; C3Nef, C3 nephritic factor; NA, not available.

  • Normal values: CH50, 70% to 130%; C3 antigen, 660 to 1250 mg/L; C4 antigen, 93 to 380 mg/L; Factor B, 90 to 320 mg/L; H protein, 65% to 140%; I protein, 70% to 130%; MCP, 600 to 1400 MFI.