Table 2.

Characteristics of studies of interferon or pegylated-interferon treatment of chronic HCV-infected hemodialysis patients with long-term HCV RNA outcomes after transplantation

Study, Country, YearOverall Sample Size (n)Number with SVR (n)Number with Long-Term HCV RNA Outcomes (n)Treatment DoseaTreatment Duration (mo)bLong-Term Follow-Up, Median (mo)
Studies with long-term HCV RNA outcomes after interferon
    Izopet, France, 1997231323ND21
    Campistol, Spain, 1999c191133620
    Huraib, Saudi Arabia, 19991712231223
    Casanovas-Taltavull, Spain, 20012918931250
    Huraib, Saudi Arabia, 2001c114431212
    Espinosa, Spain, 2001136131227
    Kamar, France, 200355211636 (n = 3)
12 (n = 13)
    Buargub, Libya, 2006359131212
Studies with long-term HCV RNA outcomes after pegylated-interferon
    Bruchfeld, Sweden, 2006632135 (α-2a), n = 1
50 (α-2b), n = 1
200–300 daily (RBV)
6 (n = 1)
12 (n = 1)
    Amarapurkar, India, 20076331.0/kg (α-2b)66
    Kose, Turkey, 20092692135 (α-2a)1224
    All transplant24010945Variable6 (n = 10)
12 (n = 33)
  • α-2a, pegylated-interferon alpha-2a; α-2b, pegylated-interferon alpha-2b; ND, not documented; RBV, ribavirin; TIW, three times weekly.

  • a Doses presented for interferon are in million units, three times weekly, and for pegylated interferon alpha-2a or 2b are in micrograms, once weekly. When studies used more than one treatment dose, the numbers reported are based on the group with long-term data.

  • b Intended treatment duration in months. When studies used different durations, the numbers reported in parentheses are from the group with long-term data. More recent studies selected treatment duration based on HCV genotype with 12 months treatment for genotypes 1 or 4 and 6 months for genotypes 2 or 3.

  • c Randomized controlled trial comparing treated patients versus untreated controls. Sample size reported is the treatment group only.