Table 1.

Characteristics of the patients in this study and in Japan as a whole

This StudyJapanese Hemodialysis Population (2007)a
Number of patients3,276275,242
Age (years), mean (SD)61.9 (12.7)64.9 (12.7)
Percentage of women38.538.6
Cause of end-stage renal disease (%)
    diabetic nephropathy24.233.4
    polycystic kidney disease4.43.4
Indices of CKD-MBD, mean (SD)b
    calcium in serum (mg/dl)9.5 (0.9)9.3 (0.9)/9.4 (0.9)
    phosphorus in serum (mg/dl)5.5 (1.4)5.3 (1.5)/5.2 (1.5)
    iPTH (pg/dl)334 (255)193 (203)/202 (225)
Number of years of dialysis treatment (“vintage”) (years), mean (SD)10.2 (8.3)NA
  • CKD-MBD, chronic kidney disease-related mineral and bone disorders; iPTH, intact PTH; NA, not available.

  • a Results of a survey carried out by the Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy, in December 2007 (26).

  • b Indices of CKD-MBD in men and women are shown separately: men/women.