Table 3.

Repeated measures ANOVA report for hand-warming-induced changes of brachial artery diameter (ΔBA) and shear stress (ΔSS)

A. Measure: Changes in brachial artery diameter (ΔBA)
ΔBA measure22.75<0.01
ΔBA x Age interaction0.460.64
ΔBA x ESRD interaction12.88<0.01
ΔBA x CVD+ interaction4.90<0.02
ESRD x CVD+ interaction0.160.69
B. Measure: Changes in brachial artery shear stress (ΔSS)
ΔSS measure89.34<0.01
ΔSS x Age interaction1.610.20
ΔSS x ESRD interaction2.520.09
ΔSS x CVD+ interaction10.94<0.01
Age x CVD+ interaction8.52<0.01
C. Measure: ΔBA in ESRD patients (including vitamin D3 status)
ΔBA measure29.80<0.01
ΔBA x CVD+ interaction6.04<0.01
ΔBA x vitamin D3 status interaction4.60<0.02
CVD+ x vitamin D3 status interaction0.420.52