Table 5.

Summary of population pharmacokinetic model estimates in dialysis patients and HV

Dialysis PatientsHVBetween-Subject Variability (%)
Thiosulfate generation (μmol/min)1.05 (fixed)
Distribution volume (L/kg)0.226 (0.220 to 0.249)a17.8
Renal clearance (ml/min per kg body wt)1.36 (1.15 to 1.58)a15.2
Hemodialysis clearance (ml/min per kg body wt)2.62 (2.22 to 3.23)a
Nonrenal clearance (ml/min per kg body wt)2.04 (1.86 to 2.13)a
Bioavailability (%)6.6 (2.3 to 11.2)b
  • Values represent the mean (± SD) or the median with range.

  • a 5% to 95% confidence interval from parametric bootstrap.

  • b From a parametric bootstrap on the full pharmacokinetic model. HV, Healthy volunteers.