Table 2.

Recent blog comments about nephrology by physicians in training

1FellowWhen you see that the residents in your program going for primary care or hospitalists are getting better job proposals and making more money than you it is kind of frustrating.1
Not to mention that nephrologists usually work longer hours in the hospital rounding and making consults with a workload usually heavier than other specialists.
2FellowSomeone recently told me that one of his friends who recently graduated from a nephro fellowship program is working a Hospitalist in Int Medicine as the salary was better in it compared to nephro jobs. That sucks.1
3FellowI am a second year renal fellow in a big Univ Hosp looking for options next year.1
From my own experience almost any specialty in medicine is seeing decreased reimbursement but the situation is more severe for nephrology… somebody has to say the real truth about this specialty; Being an AMG I shold [sic] have gone for something ore [sic] lucrative like HemOnc, GI or cards.
4FellowI will be a nephrology fellow in 7 months…. Overall nephrology is not a life-style oriented subspeciality - not the harshest but by no means cush at all. And as a fellow (especially first years), you do bust your chops almost regardless of where you train.2
5ResidentRenal medicine is hard to make a living nowadays. I'm on my second renal month and the days can be long and very stressful. The pay is ok, but considering what you have to do I'm having second thoughts about renal myself. The hours are long, people need emergent dialysis at 2am, the fellowship is very very busy.2
6ResidentThey are by far the busiest nephrologists I've seen. Their day is typically 12 h long because they cover 5 hospitals and that includes weekend time. So, generally, I'd say they are around 60 h/wk off call and around 80 when on call. This is just one example from one group. Other groups are not this aggressive, but their salaries are not as impressive.2
7ResidentIf you are in for the money [which ultimately determines how competitive a subspeciality is, believe it or not], forger[sic] nephrology. The AssProf [sic] of nephro said the other day by 2016 expect drastic changes in funding for dialysis.2
8Trainee (unspecified)If you want to make money and enjoy life go for a hospitalist's job. you can make more than a nephrologists if you work that 3rd week also and take only one week off.2
9AttendingMany of the low salaries in nephrology are strictly in the USA. In Canada I started at 400k + at an academic centre! Nephrologists are mcuh [sic], much better reimbursed in Canada vs USA and job opportunites are readily available.2
10ResidentI'm glad there are great people out there who love doing it, but for many residents, nephro patients are misery personified…. Clearly, I'm among those who didn't enjoy my nephrology rotation. I think nephrology tends to generate strong opinions. You either love it or find it very very painful. I wouldn't consider it a lifestyle specialty by any means.3