Table 2.

Subhazard ratios for MI with competing risk of all-cause mortality

Clinical CharacteristicHR95% CIP
CKD3.741.02 to 13.760.05
Prevalent coronary artery disease0.520.21 to 1.290.16
Age (years)1.020.98 to 1.06>0.2
Male gender0.250.05 to 1.210.08
Black race0.70.28 to 1.76>0.2
Ambulatory systolic BP (mmHg)10.98 to 1.02>0.2
ACE and/or ARB use0.640.29 to 1.4>0.2
DM2.61.25 to 5.390.01
Aspirin use1.140.54 to 2.42>0.2
Statin use1.040.5 to 2.15>0.2
BP medication use4.510.49 to 41.840.19
Current smoker1.310.53 to 3.24>0.2