Table 2.

Clinical course in anti-PLA2R positive patients with remission of proteinuria during follow-up (n = 13)

Proteinuria (g/d)eGFR (ml/min per 1.73 m2)aPLA2R Level (dens. units)Time to Remission (months)Proteinuria (g/d)eGFR (ml/min per 1.73 m2)aPLA2R Level (dens. units)Type of RemissionTreatmentTime to Relapse (months)Proteinuria (g/d)eGFR (ml/min per 1.73 m2)aPLA2R Level (dens. units)
410.52517927130.4480Ther.MMF + P 12 months
512.8518802190.496135Ther.MMF + P 12 months
812.56625116a200.3830Ther.CP + P 12 months7520.27119757
910.04414510180.767399Ther.CP + P 12 months1047.1509491
1018.06419721281.857341Ther.CP + P 12 months699.75018373
1110.03410379110.1610TherCP + P 12 months447.9649491
1217.23130115140.8860Ther.CP + P 12 months1910.0558769
1310.92723235230.4350Ther.CP + P 12 months654.9316934
  • eGFR, estimated GFR by MDRD6 formula; aPLA2R, anti-PLA2R; dens. units, densitometric units; Time to Remission, time between presentation and onset of remission; Time to Relapse, time between onset of remission and onset of relapse; Spont., spontaneous remission; Ther., therapy-induced remission; MMF, myco-phenolate mofetil; P, prednisone; CP, cyclophosphamide.

  • a Sample 4 months after presentation: in the initial sample anti-PLA2R was not detected (see text).

  • b There is no sample available for this remission (see text).