Table 1.

Unit prices that were applied to resource utilization identified over 2 years

Unit CostsCostSource
Emergency room visits$246.0020
    medical stays$907.0020
    surgical stays$1,887.0020
    ICU stays$2,337.0020
Physician services consultation fee (repeat consultation fee)
    family physician$56.10 ($42.35)21
    cardiology$132.50 ($82.90)21
    endocrinology$71.30 ($45.85)21
    gastroenterology$132.50 ($82.90)21
    nephrology$71.30 ($45.85)21
    otolaryngology$71.30 ($45.85)21
    respirology$132.50 ($82.90)21
    surgeon$86.60 ($46.30)21
Other health care professionals
    occupational therapist$132.50 ($30.60)21
    social worker$110.0022
    home care visit$61.4525
    walk-in clinic$56.1021
    pharmacist consultation$50.0023
    other health care workers$61.45b
Tests and procedures
    CT scans$324.20a
    stress test$326.55a
    angioplasty without stent$3163.00a
    angioplasty with stent$3663.00a
    pacemaker insertion$2869.00a
    fistula insertion$1606.00a
    central venous catheter insertion$1840.00a
    average hourly wage in Canada$20.6326
Intervention program costs
    nursing wage$40.0027
    nephrology time (per 20 minutes)$45.8521
  • ICU, intensive care unit; CT, computed tomography; MRI, magnetic resource imaging; ECG, electrocardiography.

  • a Hospital case costing.

  • b Average of other health care providers.