Table 3.

Fatal cases with uncorrected hospital-acquired or hospital-aggravated hyponatremia

Age/GenderAdmission SNa (mEqL)Lowest SNa (mEq/L)SNa at Death (mEq/L)Day of DeathClinical CourseComfort Care?Charlson Score
66/M14511411427Metastatic carcinoma, cardiac arrest, respiratory failure, anoxic brain damage, acute kidney injury, refractory shock. First SNa <120 mEq/L 4 days before deathYes11
67/M139115115163Sepsis with several months in hospital with irreversible multiorgan failure; first sNa <120 mEq/L on day 155, 8 days before deathYes5
63/M13811711716Metastatic carcinoma, acute kidney injury, acute respiratory failure. First SNa <120 mEq/L 1 day before deathYes11
87/M13611812324ESRD. Comfort care on admission.Yes4
65/M13211811811End-stage liver disease, sepsis, multiorgan failure. First sNa <120 mEq/L on day of deathYes5
65/M13111911911Cardiogenic shock. First sNa <120 mEq/L 1 day before deathYes4
55/M12411912212End-stage heart disease, acute kidney injuryNo7
54/F1241191224End-stage lung diseaseYes3
83/M1201181237End stage heart diseaseNo8
63/M1211191222Advanced lung cancerNo7
  • M, male; F, female.