Table 4.

Clinical data in early allograft biopsy groups

TMA+C4d+ (n = 7)TMA+C4d− (n = 9)PaTMA−C4d+ (n = 21)Pb
Mean age (years)4645.336.4
Gender (women:men)3:42:711:10
Cause of ESRD
    diabetic nephropathy320.630.29
    hypertensive nephrosclerosis23161
    primary TMA001
    primary glomerular disease020.4860.28
Type of transplant
    deceased donor671140.63
    living donor12170.63
    kidney only671161
    first transplant690.44110.19
HLA mismatches (mean)
Pretransplant cross-match
Immunosuppression induction
    T cell depleting antibody550.63141
    anti-IL-2 receptor antibody050.0350.37
    mycophenolate mofetil791161
Mean time of biopsy (days)25.926.30.9210.33
Serum creatinine
    baseline (median)
    at biopsy (median)
    at 1-year follow up (median)
Calcineurin inhibitor levels
    tacrolimus, at biopsy14.8 (6)10.50.579.5 (12)0.14
    tacrolimus, 3-week average9.9 (5)10.60.9210.7 (12)0.75
Treatment after biopsy
    steroid pulse4060.65
    discontinuation of CI010
    reduction of CI dose040
Graft loss412
Graft survival380.1190.02
  • a TMA+C4d+ versus TMA+C4d−.

  • b TMA+C4d+ versus TMA−C4d+.