Table 3.

Comparisons of catheter-tip colonization risk according to renal replacement therapy modalities (CRRT versus IHD)

HRc95% CIPHRc95% CIP
Unadjusted1.57(1.11 to 2.21)<0.011.44(0.94 to 2.20)0.10
Marginal structural models0.96(0.77 to 1.20)0.730.71(0.56 to 0.92)<0.009
Propensity-score matched0.85(0.53 to 1.34)0.490.84(0.47 to 1.50)0.56
  • a Groups were defined by initial modality of renal replacement therapy, regardless of change in modality prescription.

  • b Groups were varying according to change in modality prescription.

  • c HR > 1 indicates an increase risk in the IHD modality as compared CRRT to modality.